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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Digital Photography Course - Week 6 & 7

I missed week 6 of the photography course as I was enjoying a meal at Le Gavroche at the time.   But the course covered ISO's - now this is something I need to read up about and practice.

Week 7 - we worked on Composition.  Using gridlines like noughts and crosses grid to help us with the composition of our photos.  I found that I had grid lines on my camera while I was in Florence, when I was talking to an American tourist with the same camera.  I mistakenly thought that I needed to place the subject I was photographing in the middle pf the grid, but this is not the case.  By placing the subject on the gridlines or putting the cross of the gridlines on the eye of the subject you get a much better photo.   

I don't have a great deal of examples but here are a couple.

The picture of the cat was placed in the middle of the grid............

Now by placing the gridlines at the eye level of the cat, a much better photo.

Also did the same when taking a picture of a person, plus even chopping off the top of the persons head does not matter in some portrait pictures like the one below.

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  1. Are you saying that the 2nd picture is sharper because you put the gridline elsewhere, or is this simply talking about placement? Would I look this up in the manual under "gridlines"/ (BTW, I did find the manual online as you suggested!) Great shot of the lady!