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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Le Gavroche

 Rob took me to Michel Roux's restaurant Le Gavroche for a wonderful lunch.   We have been there before so I know how special this place is.   Despite being exceedingly posh, they do make you feel very special.   It is also good to see that Michel Roux was at the pass in the kitchen checking all the meals that come out to ensure quality and consistency.  

I did have a look around the dining room on a quick celeb check and the only person I did recognise was Jay Rayner, food critic for The Observer.    Will have to check The Observer to see if the restaurant gets a thumbs up. 

Michel did come into the dining room and chatted to us to make sure we were happy with the food.  I would have love to have whipped out my camera out to take a quick picture but I didn't.  (Rob would not have appreciated that!)

I did take a photo of the outside of the restaurant. 

And also one of the this clever design on the wall in the ladies !   

I scanned the menu below so you can see how good your french really is...........


  1. It looks fabulous Lynne and a well deserved treat for you!

  2. Oh gosh, that sounds so yummy!!! I would have the Cuisse de Lapin! Like the decor in the Ladies, too!