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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Spring Term - Digital Photography course - week 1

Today was week one of the spring term of the Photography Course at the Smitham Centre.  This term we are looking at more technical DSLR cameras and getting to grips with all the knobs, buttons and whizzy bits that are a bit of a mystery.    There are some modes that we dealt with last term; portrait, landscape, macro, sport, night shots plus the white balance and ISO, so we were looking at more manual modes like Av and Tv.  

The Av is Aperture value are the 'F' numbers and the lower the number = the larger the aperture which lets in more light and focus is on subjects that are near.   So the higher the number = the smaller the aperture which lets in less light and focus is on subjects further away.  (Hope I have got that right!)

The Tv is the Shutter speed and the higher the number the faster the speed.

If I set the aperture then the camera will work out the shutter speed and if I set the shutter speed then the camera selects the aperture.

The homework is to practice using the Av and Tv.   Watch this space for the photos to come. 

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  1. I didn't realise your course is still going on! Great - this sounds interesting. Sean is good at doing this - it's why he can take photos of stuff that doesn't come out when I try... I'm looking forward to these photos!