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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Walk around Richmond - Part 1

Yesterday I went for a walk around Richmond following one of the Rambles from the London Tube http://www.londontuberambles.co.uk/index.htm I made my way to Richmond by train and on leaving the station I turned left.  The first interesting sight I saw was this mural for a beer garden.
I continued down the street until I reached the Square and then I crossed over the road and took the next turning on the right, which was a narrow road called Duke Street.  At the bottom of the road I came to Richmond Green.  The Green was used for jousting tournaments in Tudor times and cricket was played there from the 17th century.
I turned left and walked along the street and the first property I noticed was the Gothic House.
Then further along the street was this sign for an optimertrist.   Now I absolutely love this sign. 
Further down the street I came across the House of Chocolate, I was really good and did not go into the shop.
Then turning right along the Green passing the Tudor House and Maids of Honour Row built in 1724 for the attendants of Caroline of Ansbach, wife of the future George I.
(Note to self - next time carry some wet wipes to clean off bird pooh before taking photo)
Further down the street I came across and archway into the Old Palace Yard.

On the Green there is some tourist information about Richmond Palace.
I walked through the archway into the outer courtyard of the palace.  There were some lovely Tudor buildings and the house in front was called Trumpeter's House.   It was called this because of statues there used to be each side of the portico.   Turning right passed this house there are some bollards with the initials 'ER', this is the beginning of  Old Palace Lane.
At the bottom of the lane I turned left and walked down to the river.  At the river I decided to do a detour and turned right and went towards the Richmond Lock.  On the way I came across the George III's Meridian Line.   
If you peep through the steel posts you can see the Observatory that George III commissioned in order to see the transit of Venus in 1769.  He had it set up with 3 obelisks along with his personal Meridian. 
I continued to walk down to the Richmond Lock and to the footbridge over the River.
I decided to end my walk at this point as it was quite a windy day and I thought I could continue the walk another day perhaps when the weather was better.  


  1. Wow, this is fantastic - I love all the detail you noticed and captured!
    Coincidentially, I'm also intending to have a walk in Richmond, but following another trail I found on the Internet: http://www.london-footprints.co.uk/wkrichmondroute.htm
    It's on my ToDoList; I'm just waiting for a bit warmer weather - I hate being out in the cold...

  2. Thanks for sharing your walk around Richmond, I absolutely loved spending time there when I lived in St Margarets. There are some lovely pubs there too on the green and by the river if you do return anytime soon!

  3. You have a very nice blog, it's like you take us on your adventures, love it!!! Jennifer

  4. Hi Lynne. I'm the creator of London Tube Rambles. So glad you enjoyed the walk - you can't really 'do' Richmond in one day, can you! It's good to hear of someone actually following the walks rather than being armchair travellers. Glad to see you took your own photos - some better than mine! I'm now going round the stations again checking up on what's changed, so if you find anything radically different from what is on the website, do please let me know.

  5. You show very nice pictures. I enjoyed looking at them. I always find bollards to be interesting when they have a creative theme to them. I work for McGraw-Hill. They have information about a lot of different types of bollards. Check them out. You might find some interesting ones there.

  6. Did you know. Richmond Green was home alone,to Virginia & Leonard Woolf (No.17),the esteemed actor Richard Attenborough (Old Friars),Labour PM Harold Wilson (Fitzwilliam House,block of flats-NOTE: There USED to be a blue plaqur to him?),the explorer and Indiana Jones precurser Sir Richard Burton (Maids of Honour Row,childhood) and historian Kenneth Clark lived at old Palace Yard..