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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Spring Term - Digital Photography week 6 & 7

Oops I appear to have missed out week 6 of my photography course so I have combined  week 6 and 7.   In Week 6 we looked at metering mode.  This is to do with light and choosing the correct lighting mode for the subject and lighting available.

Below are the metering modes on my camera and left to right they are:-
Evaluative, Partial, Spot and Centre-Weighted
I don't have any photo examples using these, but most the time my camera is on Evaluative, but if I wanted to have the light mainly in the middle of the photo then I would move to partial or spot.   This is something I need to practice to get used to it. 

This week (week 7) we went outside to take some pictures.   There is a walkway near the college with trains, cars running underneath, plus it was a beautiful sunny day.    We took loads of photos and I down loaded onto the computer at college and appear to have wiped them off my memory card. Grrrrrrr.    I will hopefully get them onto a memory stick next week and will add them to the blog.  

On the way home while waiting for the train I did manage a couple of photos of the street and got a bus on the move.

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  1. Movement photos can be good fun. I took some interesting ones from our bedroom window one day, and when I downloaded them I noticed how dirty the window was. Oops... Strange how I did not notice that looking through the window, but in the photos it showed so much!