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Monday, 2 May 2011

Brixton Windmill

On this sunny but very windy day I took a nostalgic trip through Streatham to Brixton to see the newly refurbished Brixton Windmill. 

Streatham is an area I knew well as I was brought up around there and I used to have a Saturday job working in one of the many shoe shops that were along the high street and I spent most of my teenage years in the ice rink.  Oh how the place has changed beyond recognition.  The ice rink is still there at the moment and I saw the Odeon cinema is still going but the ABC cinema appears to be boarded up.  There are one of two shops that still remain but the rest of the high street has changed completely.    However, I was just passing through on the bus to go to Brixton, but getting off at Blenheim Gardens just passed Brixton Prison.  A short walk up Blenheim Gardens, there is a small park and there is the Windmill.  

The Windmill has been in Brixton for a very long time, I was taken there as a child by my Mum and we managed to go inside the windmill then too, so it was good to see that the Windmill has now been restored. 

There is a Friends of Brixton Windmill website that has loads of information about the history etc so I will not go into details but add their link here http://www.brixtonwindmill.org/index.htm

I have add a few views to the flickr photostream too.

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  1. Yes, isn't it amazing how places change. I get a shock every time I visit my home town back in Germany! You have some interesting shots of the windmill!