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Thursday, 29 September 2011


On Tuesday I started my City and Guilds in Photography, Level 1.   There are about a dozen of us in the class and our tutor is Andrew Gilpin.  This first weeks homework is to photograph a plastic white cup, in 3 different ways.   Have to think about that one.

Then on Wednesday I went to the Photocraft Camera Club as I had entered the first competition for this 2011/12 year.  I entered 3 photographs at level 1 and I am delighted to say that I got 10 marks and first place for one of my photographs.  

This is the photograph that gave me the 10 points and the first place.

I did get 8 1/2 marks for this photograph and the judge commented on how I could have cropped it more and perhaps lightened the face of the bee a little more.

And finally I got 8 marks on this one, which again received comments from the judge about further cropping.

So not a bad week on the photography front.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Valencia - flickr

I have added more photographs of Valencia on to flickr and here is the link


Valencia - Old Town

Walking around the old town of Valencia was great we came across some amazing buildings like the Bank of Valencia and the Rail station.  The Bank of Valencia and the station are very ornate.  The booking hall at the station have mosaics stating “bon voyage” in various languages.

One of the most ornate buildings in the town is the ceramic museum.
We also visited the cathedral and did a tour around it.  
The Food Market was pretty impressive and there was plenty of jamon
Down at the Port was a really nice building which is the custom house
And of course I had to take some photographs of some lovely looking lamps and a row of bikes which seem very popular in this city.  

Valencia - Oceanografic

The Oceanografic has an aquarium and various outside areas including a wetlands dome, it is all beautifully landscaped, the only thing that seemed to be missing were the animals, birds, fish!  There were plenty in the aquarium, with lots of people too, but outside it was a little lacking.  One of things we wanted to see was the Dolphin (and Killer Whale) Show and this was the opportunity.  Not quite sure what happened the Killer Whale as he was a no show!  The Dolphin show was really good and we watched twice.

The Aquarium

Wetlands birds

Dolphin show

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Valencia - Modern Architecture

This harp shaped bridge, Darth Vader’s helmet, giant unblinking eye, a whale skeleton, these are the images of the Arts and Science, the IMAX cinema at the Hemisferic and further downstream is the Oceanografic.   All of which have been built in the city’s dried river bed. 

The buildings are amazing to look at but we did not have time to do them justice.  We did go to the Oceanografic which is covered in a separate post. 

Friday, 23 September 2011

Valencia - Street Art

While walking around Valencia we came across some of some interest street art or graffiti.   Not a fan of graffiti but where the pictures are artistic or just eally well done they are worth a photograph.

Valencia - Bioparc

Despite my injury of a dislocated finger I am continuing with my Valencia holiday blog.  One of the first places we visited was the Bioparc which is a zoo without the bars, an ecofriendly animal park.  The park is landscaped so you don’t perceive any barriers or fences.  This is an interesting park with sections divided up into different areas of the Africa and Madagascar.  It is really good to see the animals without the cages and they seemed so close.

I have added more of the Bioparc photographs on to flickr

Dislocated finger

Yesterday I did something really stupid, I tripped over some wires (that should not have been there - my fault!) and I fell.  My left hand went down to save myself and when I looked at my hand my index finger was not in the right place, it was pointing upwards when it should have been straight.   (no photographs to show this).  I grabbed my keys, money and my mobile and asked a neighbour to take me to hospital.

The staff at the hospital were all quite facinated by the direction of my finger.  I was more concerned amout the pain of putting back into place.  I had quite a bit of gas and air and eventually they pulled it back into place.  It is now bound to the middle finger and looking a little swollen and bruised.  

The x-rays indicate no fracture but I have been asked ro go back next week to have it checked out.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Valencia - Bullring

The bullring was very near to our hotel so we thought we needed to pay it a visit.    We arrived at the bullring to find loads of people going in but it was not a bullfight but the Oktoberfest.

Later in the week we did do a visit to the Museum at the Bullring, It is not a very big museum but it was free.   We watched a film about bullfighting and then went through exhibition of the matador costumes, which are really beautful.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


I have just come back from a week in Valencia, with my friend Rochelle, and it was fab.  We stayed in an excellent hotel called Vincci Lys which is very central and near the Xitiva metro stop.  The weather was really hot at 35 degrees most days. 

The city is really interesting with some lovely old architecture and also some really futuristic modern buildings too.  It is very walkable and we saw lots of places and took loads of photographs which I will get around to putting on the blog and flickr very soon.

Another plus for Valencia is their cakes - scrummy.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Farthing Down Fun Day

Today was the Farthing Down Fun Day.  It was also my first event I was undertaking with the British Red Cross doing Event First Aid.    I managed to get there ok, although I needed a cab for the last part of the journey.  The weather was not looking good and eventually got worse to the point that myself and the other Red Cross Volunteers sat in the cars for shelter.   The bad weather meant very few visitors there was nothing much to do so the everyone packed up early and went home at 3.00pm.