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Friday, 11 November 2011

Spa Day

In January I won a Floatation Day at the Nirvana Spa in Berkshire for 2. 
http://lynnes-diary.blogspot.com/Floatation Day

Well on Wednesday my friend Val and I went to the Spa for this experience.   First, I noticed about the place is that it is huge!  We were welcomed and given all the information, robes and towels and timings we needed.   So off we went to get changed into our swimwear and into the hydro pool first which was lovely and warm and where you get pummelled by jets of water.   

We then went to check in for the floatation part of the experience.  We told all about the minerals and salts that the pool contained.  Then we went into a training pool to make sure we were happy about entering the water and laying on our backs, we also taught how to stand up which is something we had to practice.   Once we were ready we were taken into the floatation room.   One at a time we walked into the pool (there were 4 people at a time) and then we laid back and the let the water gently take us off in an anti-clockwise direction around the pool.   It was so relaxing and felt wonderful.  The lights were lowered and we just relaxed for 40 minutes, you could sleep if you wanted to or just gaze at the star light ceiling.  When the time was up the lights came on and we made our way out of the pool.  While we showed to get wash off all the salts we had the opportunity to try some different products which all felt lovely.

After this experience we changed into some dry swimming costumes and went of our buffet salad lunch.  We then spent some time on the heated stone loungers and also say by the pool making the most of the free drinks available.  Then at about 3.30 we went back to the cafe to indulge in a glass of sparkling wine before we changed back into our normal clothes and made our way home.   

It is an amazing spa and the experience was so lovely I would definitely do it again.

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  1. Sounds like a great experience, just my sort of thing... :) Probably completely out of my budget though.